Spoken English & Personality Development Classes

We deliver a high quality of teaching via pragmatic approach.


We focus on limited number of students – Batch Size is around 10 to 15 students only.

Course curriculum on regular intervals.

Live projects and activities conducted regularly in class.





At Be Alpha we believe in learning and doing concepts. The sessions are crafted in such a manner that students get hands on training. There are thousands of students who get graduated every year, out of which only a few per cent of students have an art of being skillful. Hence there lies a huge gap of skill & personality. At Be Alpha we work on the improvement on developing their skills to make a road map for their careers, here they can develop a variety of skills through experience and education that aid their growing professional demands.

It has been seen that people invest on many things but fail to invest on their growth by enhancing on soft skills & personality development programs.

English is a basic requirement to ace your Communication Skills in today’s time. At BeAlpha ( spoken english classes in Ahmedabad ) we not only provide Spoken English Training, but we also focus on Reading Skills, Writing Skills and Listening Skills. We have trained numerous students for various skill which helped them to groom their personality in so many years. Personality Development is in an essential requirement in many of the Jobs.

Our training program ranges from one day workshop to full programs where we cover various topics like: Confidence Building, NLP Training, Leadership Programs, Goal Setting, Time Management, Positive Thinking, Self Esteem and many more. BeAlpha as an Institute has a reputation for delivering quality with effective results. At BeAlpha ( personality development classes in Ahmedabad ) we always take care the classes are conducted in practical manner which help the individual to get growth in Job and Career.

These Programmes are suitable for all age groups. From teenagers (12-18 years) and professionals (25 years and above), anyone can join and start grooming themselves.

Students will get an exposure on:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Job Perspective Course Line
  • Personal Grooming
  • Confidence Building

The motive of Be Alpha is to create personal brand and to develop overall growth of the students/customers to face challenges of life without any fear. By using the right skill one can create a magnetic image of oneself.


  • Additionally, we demeanours a one to one session for every student for better development of the students. The course has feedback whereby we assess the student’s progress.
  • Customized Approach based on Client’s needs
  • Limited students for personal attention

We aspire to make future leaders to channelize their emotions, enhancing their skills and abilities, practising empathy to build a better world tomorrow.

We believe to work ethically and develop a friendly environment to enhance the knowledge and values to the people associated with us and pass the same back to the society.


Our Spoken English classes focus on lot of speaking excercises. Through a combination of real-life scenarios, discussions, and practical exercises, we aim to enhance your vocabulary, fluency, and overall communication skills.
Duration of Basic Program is for 1.5 months and Advanced is for 2.5 Months. Typically, classes are held 3 times a week, ensuring a balance between intensive learning and allowing students time for self-study and practice.

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Yes, we conduct regular assessments to gauge your progress. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification that reflects your proficiency in spoken English, which can be a valuable asset in various personal and professional contexts.
Absolutely. Our Spoken English classes are made for basic learner to advanced. It works on grammar and fluency both. We use a flexible curriculum that adapts to the diverse needs of our students.
Our Personality Development classes are designed to enhance various aspects of your personality, including communication skills, confidence, and interpersonal abilities. The goal is to empower you with the qualities needed to thrive both personally and professionally.
The program covers a wide range of topics, including communication skills, body language, time management, goal setting, public speaking, self-confidence, email writing and more. Each module is carefully crafted to contribute to your overall personality growth. You can customize the program and module as per your choice.
Our Personality Development classes incorporate a mix of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and interactive sessions. We focus on individual weakness, try and work on them so that it doesn’t hinder their growth.
Upon successful completion of the Personality Development program, you will receive a certification that highlights the skills and qualities you have acquired. This certification serves as a testament to your commitment to personal growth and can be valuable in various career pursuits.