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Creativity and innovative style of teaching is her passion. She sees to it that the students are always updated with the new things happening around. She believes that to grow one should be discipline and be smart. She may look like a task master but the ultimate result is the student is moulded into well groomed personality.

The reasons why students should do Personality Development


Personality development is a process where you work on yourself to develop your talents and add new skills for your growth. It is a part of skill development it prepares you to convey your thoughts with clarity and accuracy. Let us understand why students should do Personality Development.  Increases Self-awareness:  Personality Development helps you to develop yourself and achieve growth that reflects in your life. And remember who will know yourself better than you? Builds Confidence:  Confident is important to shape the students in a positive way. Students must prepare themselves to become strong and confident beings. It will empower [...]

The reasons why students should do Personality Development2022-12-23T18:14:12+05:30

10 Tips on How to Behave In An Open Office Environment


An open workspace is a working environment where there aren’t any internal walls or divided smaller offices. It is a place where people come together to work. The main purpose of such work settings is to encourage communication among employees. They nourish creativity and are great for the company’s culture. But as each coin has two sides, they also have their disadvantages. Open work settings can be loud and noisy, which can lower productivity and also hinder face-to-face conversations.  So how do we make them more productive? Here are 10 tips on how to behave in an open office environment: [...]

10 Tips on How to Behave In An Open Office Environment2022-12-12T18:03:14+05:30

3 Ways To Improve Corporate Communication


What is Corporate Communication? Corporate communications mean the way in which businesses and organizations communicate with internal and external people. These could include the employees, clients, potential customers, etc. Objectives of corporate communication The goals of corporate communication should align with the overall goals of the company. The Communication should be transparent to employees and customers, must be able to build credibility and manage to keep the reputation of the brand and establish its vision, mission, and core values. How to Enhance Your Corporate Communication? Communication helps to connect people on a global level. As people move to a [...]

3 Ways To Improve Corporate Communication2022-08-16T18:15:15+05:30

Group Discussion Tips, Topics, And Rules: How To Crack A GD


A platform to exchange views by members on a particular subject. The idea is to bring together a set of people to share their ideas, thereby giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. Tips for Group Discussion: Groom Yourself for GD Prepare yourself with the latest happening in and around the world Plan your approach Take Clarifications if Required Beforehand Always Carry Pen and Notebook Mind your Body language: Don’t Point at others Don’t cross hands Use your hands while talking Sit Erect, don’t slouch Don’t bite nails Importance of group discussions Improve listening skills and confidence Enhance communication and [...]

Group Discussion Tips, Topics, And Rules: How To Crack A GD2022-08-06T14:54:58+05:30

Personality Development Tips: 10 Most Important Tips


Introduction Personality Development is so important, it’s considered a life skill. The way you present yourself, your thoughts and your opinions to the world define who you are and how you will be perceived. Personality is more than just what we look like or what we do. It also includes how we think, how we behave and how others perceive us. Most people will form an opinion of you within seconds of meeting you, so it’s important to make sure that first impression counts – this is where the importance of personality development comes into play. Good communication skills and a [...]

Personality Development Tips: 10 Most Important Tips2022-06-15T15:54:48+05:30

How to Improve Business English Speaking Skill?


Learning English has never been more important than today. It’s a language spoken everywhere and is used for all kinds of communication. So, if you’re learning English as a second language, it’s only logical to take the time to develop your ability to speak in business situations as well. When you learn how to use your Business English speaking skills properly, you can open a whole new world of opportunities! Read Business English Books Reading business books is one of the most effective ways to improve your English-speaking skill. It can help you learn more about the language and how words [...]

How to Improve Business English Speaking Skill?2022-06-07T09:37:21+05:30

How to overcome negative thoughts in our life?


“ You are useless”.. “ You can’t so this much”.. “ Go out in the market no one will give you Rs.5 also”.. “ Body Shamming”..  "Fulfill your dreams after marriage, then do it after a baby, then you are too old, now why you want to earn you have everything ……. The list goes on…. These words has played a major role in everyone’s life isn’t it? Most of the major decisions of our life are ruled by them. When we start to depend on what other people think of us, and we make their opinion our final [...]

How to overcome negative thoughts in our life?2022-02-24T17:10:55+05:30

How to handle difficult Clients??


In any organization sales and customer service are the most challenging tasks. Many people try to cope up with it but sometimes you encounter difficult customers. You might be wondering how to handle them, aren’t you? If you are going through a similar kind of situation, we would be discussing few tips that might be able to help you face these situations. Every difficult client is different in their way. You must be wondering how this is possible. Let us try and understand them: Know-it-all: The first category has quite an interesting personality they seem to know everything about [...]

How to handle difficult Clients??2022-02-24T17:11:40+05:30

Things You Most Likely Did Not Know About Getting Successful.


You talk about any successful person there is one thing common in them. Many times, people miss that small aspect. We always underestimate that factor. Do you ever feel, you plan a lot of things, but you are not able to complete them?? Do you ever feel you have tried to move out of your comfort zone, but you are not able to? Do you sometimes feel that it has become your habit to procrastinate? Do you want to change this irritating habit of yours? Click Here. Do you feel you fail to understand people around you? Do they [...]

Things You Most Likely Did Not Know About Getting Successful.2022-02-24T17:12:33+05:30

Empathetic- A New Way of Leadership


This year all have come across a lot of evil problems. Be it job loss, covid, financial issues, and emotional traumas. This can lead to making many, especially in the work front to think of bringing a paradigm shift in their thinking, Behaviour, and their way of leadership. In this roguish time, people look for leaders who can solve problems and take decisions keeping all the team members in mind. Hey, are you that one? If not here are some tips to be a futuristic leader. The new-age leadership will work with 1. Collective Commitment: what I mean here [...]

Empathetic- A New Way of Leadership2022-02-24T17:20:26+05:30