Be Alpha is one of the best spoken English classes in Ahmedabad. Our objective is not only to teach grammar but to make students and professionals fluent when conversing with anyone. The teaching method is updated where one does not need to mug up but understand the usage of the terms.
You can learn in small groups or individually where the trainers help you to overcome the fear of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Our curriculum in English has been designed in such a way that it is helpful to Students, Professionals, and Homemakers. It could be online or offline.
BeAlpha is the Key to Best Results for the investment made.

Why Be Alpha

When it comes to learning a language, one needs space and an environment that Be Alpha believes in giving. As we have students who come from different areas of Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Rajasthan, Deesa Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Telangana.
Be Alpha comes at the top for giving innovative ways of teaching and a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate.
We have a very cozy classroom setup with Air conditioners and a Library of books for reading. We are famous for guiding students and giving them solutions to their problems.
We are located at Titanium City Centre in the Satellite area.

Why Spoken English Classes

Having a good command of English helps us have more opportunities in life. English is a common language, and you can use it to become a confident person. In this global era, people are pushed to be able to communicate globally in English. The English language plays a very important role, especially in communication and interviews. By mastering English, people will be able to gain more knowledge and gather more information. Be Alpha believes in making learning English easy with new and easy methods.

Practice makes you fluent in any language. It cannot be learned by remembering all the grammar rules but by knowing their application. At BeAlpha will help you overcome your fear of the language. In a fast-growing world where we invest so much time and money in luxury products, don’t you think it’s time to invest in yourself for your growth and development?

Be Alpha helps train you in a pedagogy that is easy to understand, without stress, and in a practical way.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you want to be.”

What Be Alpha gives you

Be Alpha is one of the best spoken english classes in Ahmedabad. The trainers are well qualified and know new and innovative ways of teaching. No student or client will have the same need and the same way of understanding concepts. So training is given accordingly. We don’t ensure 100% results as we believe in the language it is not possible, but we ensure that we give our 100% to lift you upward in whichever level you are.


  • Learning in a Practical Way
  • Flexible methods
  • Value for Money (Instalment available)
  • Customize the program.
  • Certificate after completion
  • Free Activity session
  • Free Guidance
  • Innovative style of teaching
  • Limited number of participants in a batch
  • Personal attention

Areas that we cover to develop your fluency and confidence.


  • Become more fluent and accurate in English writing and speaking.
  • Sharpen your reading and listening skills.
  • Build your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


  • Shine in professional situations from getting a new job to speaking to clients and more.
  • Get confident with group discussions, presentations, and other soft skills.


Jasnit Makhija
Jasnit MakhijaSkill Developer
Creativity and innovative style of teaching is her passion. She sees to it that the students are always updated with the new things happening around. She believes that to grow one should be discipline and be smart. She may look like a task master but the ultimate result is the student is moulded into well groomed personality.

She has done her MBA in marketing but she faced some challenges during her studies, she felt that she should help the students so that they do not face all those problems.

She understands the skills gap that students face in the corporate world which she tries to fill through her practical way of teaching. She believes learning can be done by being disciplined but not by having fun.

Hema Halvadia
Hema HalvadiaSkill Developer
She has a passion to develop and mould the student as the potter does to a raw clay making it into a beautiful pot. She has an extensive 22 years of teaching, grooming and developing the skills that the students require. She believes that every student is unique and has potential to grow in life some need to be guided and some need to be channelize.

She has done a specialised course on:
Personality development from Pune
Finishing school from Mumbai
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified course on How to train the students

All these plus her experience makes her easy to understand the student to shape their better future. Impromptu games, studying the students body language makes it easy for her to get connected to them.