Over the year I have come to this understanding that today’s youngsters fear the word “FAILURE “, I learned valuable lessons that I still hold with me on both in my personal and my professional life. When we fail, we agonize that we’ll be punished, and we feel humiliated to face family and the So-Called society. I failed many times in my life, broke down but stood again to move towards making my success story. I follow this, you can also try it.

1. Don’t Let a Failure Break You:

Whenever you face a setback, try to be optimistic about your situation. For example, if you took a risk and failed, at least you took the risk in the first place! It may not have gone as intended, but you don’t have to let one mistake or failure steer you from your goal. I remember when I went for my interview in a company and got rejected to take a motivational class as I had leukoderma, they thought about how I could motivate others in this state of mine. It broke me down as I wanted to get into that company …. I TRIED I TOLD MYSELF AND today I am doing it.

2. Remember Acceptance is Key:

Too much of our society looks for people to fail. Failure is two faced coin. When you fail if you accept it you can grow, but when you get trapped by society it will ruin you more. When you fail you start cursing the universe for your “bad luck,” or cursing yourself that you are good for nothing and giving up. True acceptance is when you understand that you hit a roadblock and now need to figure out the way. Let me share another experience of mine, I had to take a session in Porbandar on “etiquette and manner” that session was a failure as the audience could not connect with  me I Accepted my failure and the reason was lack of confidence to talk in Gujarati. Years later I happened to leave my mark there with my “SPOKEN ENGLISH CLASSES” I failed then but was successful now the KEY IS ACCEPTANCE.

3. Learn from Those Who Survived:

Read stories of the successful people in their journey you will find their struggles and failures because without that they would not reach where they are now. It shows they tired and tired and is successful. Success never comes without failure. I learnt that in my life. My inspiration was my Dad who just never gave up. So, do I never give my dreams always give my best shot.

4. Family, Friend, and Mentors

Feedback from a passionate, strong-minded friend not only helps you to refocus on your goal, but it can also help you effectively deal with your feelings of defeat. I always thank god I had strong will powered parents, brother, and sisters and family my husband and my lifelines my friends “Fantasy Girls” that what we called our self. My Mentor Dr. Bharat and Ms. Seema Shenoy Manek.

“I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”- Michael Jordan

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