Jasnit MakhijaSkill Developer
Creativity and innovative style of teaching is her passion. She sees to it that the students are always updated with the new things happening around. She believes that to grow one should be discipline and be smart. She may look like a task master but the ultimate result is the student is moulded into well groomed personality.

She has done her MBA in marketing but she faced some challenges during her studies, she felt that she should help the students so that they do not face all those problems.

She understands the skills gap that students face in the corporate world which she tries to fill through her practical way of teaching. She believes learning can be done by being disciplined but not by having fun.

Hema HalvadiaSkill Developer
She has a passion to develop and mould the student as the potter does to a raw clay making it into a beautiful pot. She has an extensive 22 years of teaching, grooming and developing the skills that the students require. She believes that every student is unique and has potential to grow in life some need to be guided and some need to be channelize.

She has done a specialised course on:
Personality development from Pune
Finishing school from Mumbai
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified course on How to train the students

All these plus her experience makes her easy to understand the student to shape their better future. Impromptu games, studying the students body language makes it easy for her to get connected to them.


Hema Ma’am and Jasnit Ma’am always treat each and every student specially as each student is special for them.

Both Hema mam and Jasnit mam are multi-tasker, critical thinkers, motivator, amazing leader, have amazing thinking power, and at last an amazing human being who are really concerned with students carier and future. They groom and grill students, support students and show the right direction

I am really happy to have such great teacher’s like you both who helped me finding my stregths(my voice), who helped me in driving away my fears( saying No), who helped me in becoming a real me(The real Rahul) and you are the one who helped me in conquoring my dream of getting sucess.

You both have always shown me the real path which was Apt for me.
So i would like to Thank you for always supporting me. I was a raw clay and today i can say it proudly you have shaped me amazingly ,without you i couldnt have done all the amazing presentations and getting into the tag of “Star Student” .

Rahul Lamoria, Student

Hema Halvadia

Being a teacher, Cant be easy ! It takes lots of hardwork and sacrifice and same wht she have done for me ! She havs doubtlessly spend lots of time in context of Personality developemet English speaking or interview preparation as well as teaching manner and interpersonal skills ! every second she helped me alot ! Truly amazing interpersonal skills I have ever seen !

Jasnit kaur Makhija

A lady with full of marketing skills along with marketing strategy ! She played a important role to shape my life with proper values and ethical manner ! Her positive influence and moral guidence help students to grow more and to become a productive member in the society !
I bet, along with marketing skills, You can not beat her in interpersonal skill also !

Bijen Gandhakwala, Student

Hema Ma’am,

Teachers are like candles. They consume themselves to brighten the lives of students. When I heard this sentence its always describe you. But the one thing always make different to her from other. During the failure time of me she always motivate, inspire me.she tought me how to learn from failure and work on it and get the a cricket lover you are like DHONI.

Jasnit Ma’am,

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
“PERFECTION” this word describe to her in exect manner.
She teach me marketing skills. If you want to servive in market against competition for that you need to be perfect in every department with company moral value and ethics. No one can defet to her in perfection.

Mitesh, Student

A great mentor won’t actually do the work for you–but she will help you develop your own opportunities. Thus I have got 2 such amazing mentors in my life…

Hema ma’am she is a friend, philosopher, guide, everything you ask for ….she has got that aura to make you get the best out of you….
During my college days I admired her the most and still continues it….
She made me Learn to deal with hard times…. she taught me or would I say she taught me to be confident to be smart to be focused…she bought the best out of me… I still remember how she was shaping us or say moulding us by giving us some really unique projects presentations role plays and letting us do the most unique way we can….
Her teaching style is just ‘OUT OF THE BOX ‘ ???? she will make you understand to live life at its fullest …. she not only teaches you the bookish things but she makes you understand the lesson of life and how to deal with good and bad circumstances in life…… she is really a hero…. she is such a kind person and she has got that superb presence of mind super cool ideas great sense of humour and a great great personality…. it’s just that you build a trust within her see your world changing to a all together a new beautiful and confident world…????????????She will always remain my mentor for lifetime…

Jasnit ma’am she is the one who will make you see the life with full practicality and reality..
She have got that charm to make you learn the right things in so unique way….
she will make you do and learn things only and only in ethical way … To win her trust is really hard but once you can do it She will never leave your hand for the rest of your life time.. she is so approachable as and when you will need help she will always be there for you ..

Priya, Student