Virtual Communication

Communicate Online to Build the Network worth Billions

We have got inclined to the virtual world but never thought that we would live around in it. You name it schools, colleges, business houses all have come on this platform. Taking a meeting or conference it becomes difficult to retain stability, connection, and consistency.  We have been used to interacting with people during meetings but now it’s you and your computer you may talk a little or may repeating things. We cannot concentrate and we start wandering in our thoughts and this is leading to get bored and can lead to a lack of variety.

It is sad our lives have confided to screen and empty rooms. Acceptance is the key here. I read an article and understood we learn from those who only depend on the visual way of communication day in day out.

Here are some tips to help you out…

Keep a watch on the eyes

How would you know if your colleagues are with you during the meeting, follow the eyes of the participants?  Understand the eye movements during the conversation, take pauses so the information flows in the right way, giving time to make notes that will help in the retention of information from one meeting to the next. Understanding when and where attention is being divided helps to manage the pace of meetings. The pace is easier to manage if meetings are smaller and shorter.

Cultivate Cooperation Instead of Competition

When too many people start taking at one time the computer audio cuts off.   If in the virtual world you want to capture the attention then the facilitator has to lay ground rules, so all get a chance to talk like raise of hand, or the moderator announces the speaking order. This allows all to participate and feel equally engaged.

Read the signal of Non-verbal clues

Body language talks a large amount of our message. But much is missed when we only choose to showcase our head and neck on video. Here is a tip to adjust the camera of the laptop. Elevate it, and the placement of the chair in such a way that from to your face to belly button you are visible. when people see you with more open body language the acceptance is more and understanding towards the message sent is also more. The use of hands gives more acceptance to your audience.

Chat to Connect

Take the advantage of the tool given in the app like the chatbox one can use it additional information, complicated spellings, instructions, some important message you wish to repeat put it in the chat window. This gives aid to avoid misunderstanding and clarity of thoughts and ideas.

This virtual world is the new normal. One will have to get familiar with the new unfamiliar methods, it’s time that acceptance is the key to success use these techniques which are tried and tested by the deaf. By using these tips, we create an impact on our audience and pace the meeting.

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