Want to earn more in your Job? Try and learn these skills which can help you in your career!!!

Are you aware that to create that first impression on others it takes 7 – 30 seconds on meeting them and to make this happen one needs to understand the Non-Verbal clues one is sending?

Your body communicates as well as your mouth. Don’t Contradict yourself…Allen Ruddock

Here are few ideas/ guidelines to help you to harness this skill:

1. Twin your words with your Body Language: It usually happens when we are not aware of our non -verbal clues we send different messages as to what we say as and what our body language says, people generally believe our body language. Be aware of the mismatch/ differences. Always try to make your facial expression match with your words.

2. Open Arms: Who likes to talk to someone with crossed arms. We feel either that person is hiding something, not interested or with an add on gesture in crossed arms with thumbs raised up gives a feeling of bossiness.  So, feel free to open your arms.

3. Monitor your Vocal Quality: Watch the tone of your voice when you speak as you may never know how the meaning of the word would change. See to it your voice projects confidence and not arrogance.

4. Strokes: Is one of the most powerful gestures which touches the sub-conscious mind of a person and creates a long-lasting bond and trust. Touching of hands, wrist and back is appropriate. Make sure it is done genuinely not for other motives.

5. Smile: The easiest and simplest way to make people feel warm and welcoming. If you wear a smile on your face it shows you as a happy and cordial person. It just takes 2 muscles so use it often as it cost nothing and only makes stronger relations.

When people find you are interested and warm, they always see a ‘Halo effect’ on that person. It creates a positive impact and leaves an everlasting foot prints…..

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