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Hema Ma’am and Jasnit Ma’am always treat each and every student specially as each student is special for them.

Both Hema mam and Jasnit mam are multi-tasker, critical thinkers, motivator, amazing leader, have amazing thinking power, and at last an amazing human being who are really concerned with students carier and future. They groom and grill students, support students and show the right direction

I am really happy to have such great teacher’s like you both who helped me finding my stregths(my voice), who helped me in driving away my fears( saying No), who helped me in becoming a real me(The real Rahul) and you are the one who helped me in conquoring my dream of getting sucess.

You both have always shown me the real path which was Apt for me for spoken english and personality development.
So i would like to Thank you for always supporting me. I was a raw clay and today i can say it proudly you have shaped me amazingly ,without you i couldnt have done all the amazing presentations and getting into the tag of “Star Student” .

Rahul Lamoria, Student

Hema Ma’am:

Mentor with a Midas touch. A person who wants to learn and grow will become gold in no time under her guidance. I have studied at multiple places in India now and can challenge this that she is among the few who can teach you Soft skill so well that nothing or no condition can challenge you enough to not go up on stage. She is THE BEST in the business. Activities are her way of making you the best of yourself.

Jasnit Maam:

A marketing champion who has the skill and knowledge about her subject inside out. Done a lot of Marketing activities but the ones did in her class and her presence have stayed and will be with me forever. Discussion about various topics with Live examples are the biggest reason for the retention. Fun loving coach who knows to hold a stick when required.

Abhay Chaturvedi, Student

Hard work turns into transformation and that’s the only reason we say that “HARD WORK IS THE ONLY KEY TOWARD SUCCESS”

Transformation is only possible when you’ve great mentor.

I’ve started my masters with an aim to transform myself to stand and compete in the corporate world.

And today that became possible because of my MAKERS.

Thanks to both of them from bottom of my heart.


Jasnit Ma’am
Hema Ma’am

Meet Desai, Student

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