Why do some people always seem to be having new ideas while others of equal intelligence never do?
— Edward de Bono, New Think

Creative thinking is a skill which is in demand but highly ignored in our education system. As we are taught to write or think which is within the books. By the time the time you come in the real world the inquisitiveness of the child just dies away and feel out of place when his /her creative co-worker is leaving a mark in the cooperate.

Let’s us just get back to our childhood where we were creative, eager to explore new things.

1. Read A Book: An unforgotten hobby with many. Reading makes us visualize new things and explore new words and ideas. It said that
“The power of imagination created illusions that my vision went much farther than the naked eyes could actually see” – Nelson Mandela

2. Brainstorm with others: Instead of working only on your idea it’s better to put the idea on the table and discuss with others this can lead to many innovative ideas which will help you to grow more.

3. Challenge yourself beyond the obvious: Move out of your comfort zone if you feel you have been stuck on something for a long time, then it is time to challenge yourself to get something innovative. Just need to give a small push to yourself.

4. Try to create something every day : Write something, draw a mind map, learn a new skill just need to spend 5-10 minutes in yourself daily.

5. Know Your High Point Hours: Some people get the best of the ideas in the morning, evening or just before bedtime. Some even get their best in the peak of their emotions. What you need to do is PEN IT DOWN.

Be Curious, Be inquisitive, Be Bold Be imaginative at every stage of your life …creativity can come to anyone at anytime and at any age.
Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on– Albert Einstein.

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