Six celebrities that can help you to ace your group discussion. You must be wondering how celebrities can teach you about group discussion. They might have never appeared for any!! Celebrities influence your life in many ways. You see them, follow them or I would say you stalk them.  Now let’s get associated with these celebrities who can help you to create an impact while facing a Group Discussion.

1. Be“Poised”. Let’s understand what Poise is and how it helps you in group discussion? Poise is the calm and composed attitude that reflects your confidence. Even celebrities have jitters, but it never gets reflected. KJo, Karan Johar has proven this by “wearing multiple hats” be it in the role of Director, Actor, Host, Producer and latest Fashionista at age of 50. He is doing everything with ease because he knows how to present himself in front of people. This is how you can develop your Poise simply by observing him.

                              “Carry your Attitude”

2. “Dress to Impress”: Dressing helps to build the confidence in you. How bad the situation is, if you are dress well you can “Turn the Table” around for yourself. Dress to Impress and Overdressing has very thin line. You need to understand that too. You can learn that art from “Mr. ShahRukh Khan”. You see him anywhere whether in front of camera or behind the camera he is always well dressed.

“Dress how you want to be Addressed”

3. “Voice”: When you think of Voice, one needs to understand when and how to be aggressive to put his/her point in the group. It is not necessary, one needs to shout at the top of his/her voice, if you know how to use your voice it’s an advantage for you. Group Discussions are not Debates. It is merely a discussion. Put your points in a way where you can use modulations in your voice. For eg: to take a pause to give an impact, stress at facts & figures. The Master of this art is none other than legendary actor “Amitabh Bachchan”.

“Be Firm and Dignified”

4. Be a Smart Ass: To build a strong argument you need to do proper research. The minute details will always give you that extra edge. The length of the topic doesn’t matter but the details what you mention does matter. Learn this from “Mr.Pankaj Tripathi”. Starting from 2004 he has portrayed varies characters in movies, for each character he does all his research to get the impact on camera.

“So Be Updated”

5. Don’t be Apprehensive: Everyone have their own weakness. You need to learn to focus on your strengths. Don’t think what you don’t have, focus on what you can provide instead. Don’t get intimidated by what people think for you. This is the most difficult part for the people. Learn how to ace this with ease from “Ms.Kajol”. She never gets affected what people think about her appearance, dressing or her tomboyish style.

“Be Confident, Be You”

6. Don’t be Absent Minded: This could kill everything what you have prepared for. At times this could lead the discussion in a wrong direction. Wrong discussion would lead to wrong conclusion and you could be a part of it. For this you need to be a good observer. To avoid this goof-up take a tip from “Alia Bhatt”. One wrong statement leads to a havoc. Next day everything was in Media, which created a wrong Image.

“Be a Good Listener”

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