A platform to exchange views by members on a particular subject. The idea is to bring together a set of people to share their ideas, thereby giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge.

Tips for Group Discussion:

  • Groom Yourself for GD
  • Prepare yourself with the latest happening in and around the world
  • Plan your approach
  • Take Clarifications if Required Beforehand
  • Always Carry Pen and Notebook

Mind your Body language:

  • Don’t Point at others
  • Don’t cross hands
  • Use your hands while talking
  • Sit Erect, don’t slouch
  • Don’t bite nails

Importance of group discussions

  • Improve listening skills and confidence
  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills
  • To reach a solution to an issue of concern
  • To generate new ideas for solving a problem

Types of group discussions

  • Topic-based group discussions (a topic is provided to the candidates about what they must perform in the discussion.)
  • Case-based group discussions (Small cases are given to the candidates and they discuss those questions.)
  • ABSTRACT GROUP DISCUSSIONS (No outline of the topic is given. The participants must use innovative ideas to start the discussion.)

How to start GD

  • Use Quotes and Questions to Begin
  • Lay Down Relevant Statistics & Figures
  • Commence with an Anecdote
  • Start With a Question and Answer it Yourself

Starting Lines for a Group Discussion

  • “I would like to start by stating my view of the matter….”
  • “I would like to put forward the point that….”
  • You can start with a quote: “As X once had said…”
  • If you are giving a definition related to the topic: “______is defined as…..”
  • I am sure that some of you might agree on my point while others might not, but I would like to say that….”
  • Hi everyone, I am _____ (name) and I would like to introduce the topic of this group discussion.

How to conclude

  • Summarise all the points
  • Be concise
  • Closure argument
  • NEVER ever take a side and never be like “I THINK THIS IS RIGHT OR WRONG….”
  • Stay neutral and always try to suggest points with a proper example

Skills judged in group discussion

  • Communication Skills
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Listening Power
  • Attitude
  • Confidence

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