In any organization sales and customer service are the most challenging tasks. Many people try to cope up with it but sometimes you encounter difficult customers. You might be wondering how to handle them, aren’t you? If you are going through a similar kind of situation, we would be discussing few tips that might be able to help you face these situations.

Every difficult client is different in their way. You must be wondering how this is possible. Let us try and understand them:

  1. Know-it-all: The first category has quite an interesting personality they seem to know everything about your product and services, and they want to avail themselves. Their excitement level for purchase is very high.

How to handle them: Be careful about the words you choose to present the products and services. Try and listen to them very patiently. While interacting with this set of clients try and understand their perspective and explain to them how the services are beneficial to them.

I would love to share an incident, this happened a few months ago when I interacted with the client; she was a dentist by profession. She called me to inquire about my services, walked in into my institute. We interacted for precisely 30 mins. In those 30 mins, she spoke more as she was already aware of my services and my institute. She explained to me what she was looking for from us. Once I understood her concerns, I tried to correlate how my program, or my service would help her to handle her problems.

  1. Indecisive: These types of clients want to have assurance from everyone when they decide. They are over-enthusiastic. They will show a great level of interest and will keep you on the edge for the buying process. You must have heard this dialogue a lot of times during your sales call, “I will let you know in 1 or 2 days”, “I will talk to my family and confirm”. You might have your version as per your industry.

How to handle them: You need to understand that you need not be pushy with them at all because if you do so you will gain more damage. First, try and identify the barrier behind their indecisive nature, once you get the reason try and give them the facts and offers in the best possible way where it would result in maximum benefit for them. It does work. Tried and tested. Are you looking for these kinds of training and understanding which will help you to improve your and your team’s productivity? Click Here

  1. Demanding Devils: They are an extremist in certain aspects. Their expectation is difficult to meet. They might know that you cannot deliver what they expect.

How to handle them: Be very careful and try not to commit something which you cannot deliver. If you do so, you are going to fall for the trap. I did that twice. Many times, I get this kind of query: Do you provide sessions on Saturday and Sunday only? Do you provide sessions only on Saturday at a specific time? What if I can pay for certain sessions in which I want to enroll? The answer is No. I have learned this the hard way. If you want the client to enroll or buy, the best way is to provide a compromise. If you feel it is not going to work out, then focus more on a more productive client and let this irrational one be your competitor’s headache.

These are a few experiences that I have had. If you too have an interesting experience which you would like to share you can write it in comment section.

Have you ever encountered these kinds of clients? Do you feel the same? Let me know if you think the strategy mentioned works for you.

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