There’s no doubt that empathy has become critical in the workplace. Without it, we might find ourselves frustrated and feeling isolated from our co-workers. With work pressure and stress increasing at the workplace empathy helps to understand and connect with our fellow employees in a way that fosters better communication.

Here are six ways that empathy can improve communication at work:

  1. It Allows for Increased Openness and Collaboration: When you’re able to empathize with your co-workers, you’re more likely to be supportive of their ideas and initiatives. One simply needs to get into the shoes of others and understand the problem, and stress from the other’s perspective This openness helps to foster teamwork and cooperation, which are vital in a successful workplace.
  2. It Increases Motivation and Satisfaction. Being able to empathize with your fellow employees can increase your motivation and satisfaction at work. When you feel appreciated for your contribution, and giving the feeling that the employer is heard, and his opinion will be considered or the problem they are facing is understood it leads to greater satisfaction within the workplace.
  3. 3. Creates a psychologically safe work environment: Psychological safety is key to ensuring people can thrive at work, feel engaged with what they do at work, and feel connected to something larger than themselves through their work. If the employers feel that they are safe and understood, it makes them a part of the organization.
  4. 4. It Reduces Burnout Rates: Research has shown that workers who are highly empathetic tend to have lower rates of burnout than those who aren’t as sensitive towards their colleagues. This allows employees to stay engaged and passionate about their work over time, leading to a more positive work environment overall.
  5. 5. It Enhances Teamwork Performance Overall: “When we have strong teams, it really goes a long way,” said Rebecca Dietz, an Empath Navigator Trainer with IIHS Employee Assistance Programs. “Empathy helps us see both sides of an argument or situation which makes us better problem solvers.” When Managers and team members can understand each other’s situation and create a win-win situation both create a synergy for great teamwork.
  6. It Creates Stronger Bonds between Employees: This can Lead to More Loyalty and Partnership. “When we care about each other as we care about ourselves, we’re more apt to stand by one another even during tough times,” Dietz said.” These deep bonds create trust which is essential not just in the business world but anywhere relationships matter.”

To conclude: in today’s time when artificial intelligence is increasing and replacing human work what will make humans different is able to emotionally intelligent and empathic towards others while communicating.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”                                                         – Maya Angelou, poet