Want to earn more in your Job? Try and learn these skills which can help you in your career!!!

Few years back having a good qualification was enough to get a job or leave a mark, but in today’s time along with the qualification we need skills to make our brand.

Today I want to share one skill which will shape you in many aspects. Having this in you may refer you as Socially Intelligent person…….. who does not like to be referred as intelligent?

Let me unfold this skill that is “INTRPERSONAL SKILLS”

It is a behaviour or approach one uses to build one’s network. you may ask it inborn or developed?

Some have it from birth, but some develop it through “Practice” here are a few simple tricks which can help you to develop your INTERPERSONAL SKILLS.

1. To stand for what you believe: – I am so inspired by MALALA who fought for her rights for education of girls without any fear. She was in her teens, but she had the courage to “CREATE HER OWN PERSONAL INTERGITY”

2. Managing Differences: – We are humans with different thinking pattern. It’s always difficult to please everyone. As Stephen Covey says in his books 7 Habits of highly effective people always think of the win – win situation. As this helps in building your relationship strong.

3. Mentoring and Coaching: – This gives them a feeling of belonginess and oneness. A quality everyone looks in a leader. So did Mr. Sachin Tendulkar saw in his coach and mentor Mr. Ramakant Achrekar. A good Mentor always makes a path for his people by guiding them and passing the correct values in life.

4. Building Resilience: Look back in history all famous personality has faced failures and got disappointments with life but all of them have always bounced back. I was so amazed to read to what the NBA STAR MR. Michael Jordon said that “I have missed 9000 shots in my career, I was entrusted with the winning shot, and I missed. I have failed many times, but I have bounced back and have that’s why I am successful.

We all say this its better said than done to others when we want to bring in a change in us. I feel we are saying this to ourselves as we don’t want to bring a change in us. Who wants to take that pain and trouble? Believe yourself take that ONE STEP to Harness your skills to make your presence felt

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