Mental Health

Habit to create a positive and strong mental health

One must cultivate a habit of mental toughness which is important in today’s time, and learn to avoid habits that weaken and distort your thinking. Understand to recognize and avoid these drawbacks. It can help you to reduce taking wrong turns on your journeys to gather better resilience.

Here are 3 keys to create new habits to mental toughness

  1. Never make vital decisions when emotionally weak: At times being in a state of emotions making a decision can lead to confusion or a mess. When in this state of mind information cannot be processed in the right way. This is possible for mentally strong people who take the charge and fall back from such situations. They allow themselves to calm down. And control the situations to make a decision. When decisions are taken in a clam state they never mislead or regret later.
  2.  They never make assumptions that others agree with them:  Many times you must have observed that many people count you as stupid or biased if you don’t agree with them. They are mentally weak but mentally strong people understand such ploy and avoid such situations. They respect other’s experiences and avoid being judgemental. I have experienced a boss who always thought of his staff stupid if not agreeing with him. Learn to move on from it.
  3. They never hesitate to change: Many times you will see people who avoid accepting a change or learn from the past experience but mentally strong will never hesitate to take action when decided to bring a change. They may use the different strategies which they would have learned from past experience. They may avoid the topic or change the topic. Be silent or give better solutions. I have met a person who keeps repeating the same mistake but never takes an imitative to bring a change.

These are solutions to avoid pitfalls of mental weakness and being mentally resilient. We need mental toughness when others depend upon us. Due to it’s easy to falter because of the added expectations and responsibility. That’s exactly when understanding the pitfalls of mental strength can help. They act as a milestone reminding us when your thoughts can go weak or in the wrong direction.

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