This year all have come across a lot of evil problems. Be it job loss, covid, financial issues, and
emotional traumas. This can lead to making many, especially in the work front to think of bringing a
paradigm shift in their thinking, Behaviour, and their way of leadership.
In this roguish time, people look for leaders who can solve problems and take decisions keeping all
the team members in mind. Hey, are you that one? If not here are some tips to be a futuristic
The new-age leadership will work with

1. Collective Commitment: what I mean here is the leader will take the inputs of his team members
in a way to develop the organization as well as the welfare of his team members and balance self-
belief and modesty, decisiveness and equality, empathy, and courage.

2. Be Proactive: An ability to take quick and better decisions. A simple formula is understanding the 5
stage of the decision- making that’s understanding the problem, analysing different alternatives, “Opt ”
for the best option, execute it and, very vital calculate the growth and learn from it.
This simple process will help you to understand difficult problems and increase the chances to
resolve them. It creates trust as well as individual and collective commitment.

Here are a few examples of new-age leaders the President of New Zealand Ms. Jacinda Ardern who
managed to control the pandemic situation by being proactive and through the collective
commitment. The famous star Mr. Sonu Sood who was empathetic towards the people who were
facing tough times he took quick decision to help the people and through individual and collective
efforts he managed their transportation, food, and finance.
The old leadership virtue won’t work in today’s time. Being fair, empathic, and being confident will

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