Success 80:20

20% Hard work; 80% Success.

20% Risk; 80 % Return

20% Self Development; 80% Growth

This ratio mentioned is very familiar to people. People always long for this formula to work in life. In today’s time, people always want these ratios with input and output. One gives the input at20% but the output comes at 80%.

If someone will ask if it is absurd. It can stir debate for acceptance where the basis of human values get defy about doing hard work and not expecting the results. But still, it gives a win-win situation for people who want solutions for real-time scenarios like work-life balance, especially in today’s time. This will give a peak in other life situations like Time Management.

In today’s scenario post-COVID-19 it is highly required. People are going bananas where it is difficult to draw the line between personal and professional life. They are struggling to do the task with no help. This can help to create an equilibrium where one needs to analyze the productive hours and non-significant hours. If you analyze carefully many people will agree where they have 2 hours productive and 8 hours insignificant.

So, 80% of your work is getting solved in these 2 hours and vice versa.

This ratio is widely applicable in a much real-time situation.

This ratio will give you an insight into the various situation for achieving success in life. 80% of the problems can get solved with 20% of your efforts.

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